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Tristan White

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Tristan White

A space for business leaders to learn, grow and be supported to become better leaders.

Not Currently Available for Purchase

What is the Culture Is Everything Club?

The Culture Is Everything Club is a safe, online space for business leaders to learn the skills, build the confidence and be supported so that together we can create stronger, more connected and high performing teams that ultimately become great places to work.

About the founder

I'm Tristan White and I believe the world needs more great places to work.

To live my purpose of creating more great places to work, I do two main things:

  • Since 2004, I have been the founder and CEO of The Physio Co: a healthcare business that has 11 times been ranked as one of Australia's 50 Best Places to Work.
  • I teach, guide and mentor other business leaders to grow themselves, grow their teams and ideally create more great places to work here in the Culture Is Everything Club.

3 membership options

The Culture Is Everything Club has 3 membership options to choose from based on your readiness to learn and be held to account:

  1. CLUB MEMBER - a starting point to learn the skills, build the confidence and gain inspiration to become a more effective leader.
  2. EMERGING LEADER - for business owners and managers already on their leadership journey and ready to accelerate their personal and professional growth.
  3. ACTION TAKER - for business leaders who are deep within their transformational journey but are requiring more support and accountability.

What topics and themes will I learn?

Some lessons on the Leadership Transformation Roadmap we'll cover include:

  • Learning to lead yourself first (to better lead others)
  • Being assertive & holding others to account
  • Managing energy and mindset
  • How to better give and get feedback

What other people are saying

'I have been working with Tristan for the last 2 years. I originally sought out Tristan as I wanted to run a successful, growing service business by putting people first.

During my time with Tristan, I have learned that leading a people-based growth business starts with developing yourself, being authentic and becoming patiently persistent.

Tristan is a fantastic mentor, he speaks from experience, shares openly, holds you accountable and remains humble and supportive throughout the process.

I am a much better leader and a better person as a result of my time with Tristan.'

David Carroll, Co-COO Bodycare Workplace Solutions

The Founding Members Launch has closed

The Culture Is Everything Club opened for new members in July 2020.

There is now a committed crew of leaders who are learning and supporting each other inside the club.

The club will re-open for new members later in 2020.

If you'd like to join in the future, please send me an email to tristan [at] & let me know why you'd like to join.

Have a great day and week ahead, Tristan

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